Random question I know, but do you actually remember a certain food item that you tried for the first time that made you lose it because it was so good? The reason I ask is my oldest daughter experienced boneless wings for the first time and lost her mind about how good they were, and it got me thinking, What food made me react like that?

Recently we ordered pizza and wings for dinner, which is something that we usually do probably once a week, as we always some sort of take-out night during the week. We've gotten wings many times but my kids never really paid too much attention to them. They usually like to focus on pizza and mozzarella sticks or something like that. This particular time, however, we ordered boneless wings, which is pretty much a big chicken nugget, so why wouldn't the kids like them?

We sat down and started eating, and my oldest daughter asked what was in the one container, and I replied "boneless honey-bbq wings, do you want one?" She said yes, and I wish I had the next 45 secs on video, because she bites in that wing and her eyes got bigger than I have ever seen them get, and she yells "OH MY GOD, THESE ARE GOOD!". Welcome to the club kid. I'm sorry for not introducing boneless wings to you earlier.

Can you think of a food that when you tried it, amazed you so much? There's got to be one thing that left you craving more and more. Leave your comments below.

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