Do people, in general, seem angrier now more than ever? When you live in an area with so many other people all coming and going, it can seem overwhelming at times. Some say New Yorkers are quick when it comes to complaining about things. It happens. But are the complaints warranted? And what exactly are we complaining about?

New York's Biggest Complaint

According to the state's Attorney General's Office, the biggest consumer gripe amongst New Yorkers is the internet. Slow and/or nonresponsive internet service is certainly a huge headache, especially when so much of our professional lives depend on it. This could also mean passwords being stolen or compromised, or mysterious charges appearing on your card that you have no idea where they came from.

The next biggest issue was landlords and tenants. This has probably skyrocketed more in the past few years with COVID-19 restrictions. Landlords feel taken advantage of because they can't evict tenants months behind on rent. Tenants can also feel used when repairs and other maintenance problems go forever without being addressed or fixed. And as we all know, it's not cheap at all living in New York.

By the way, ever had a raccoon try to claw its way into your apartment?

The next biggest complaint was retail sales. This could come down to poor service or just bad merchandise. Ever had an online order take forever to arrive? Did it go missing? Maybe you ordered a dessert but the restaurant's ice cream machine is always broken? We've all been here at some point.

With this all being said, what are your biggest gripes and complaints about living in New York?

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