Renting an apartment in New York can come with its share of issues. Rent, for one thing, is sky-high. But there are also maintenance problems, and the occasional noisy neighbor to deal with as well. But it can get scary when you start talking about unwanted intruders. That was the case for three roommates in New York City when they videotaped an uninvited guest trying to come through the ceiling, near a light fixture. But in this case, the unexpected suspect has four legs and stripes.

Pix11 says that a woman filmed a raccoon trying to claw its way through a light fixture in her apartment. The video has gone viral and has been shared thousands of times across social media.

We were literally just waiting and watching, Its arm just stuck out. At one point, we saw its ear, like it was opening the gap wider so it could come in.

The video was taken after midnight, so animal control was not open, and the police didn't really know what to do in this case. The woman had to wait for her landlord to respond the next day. Apparently, past tenants had actually found raccoons in their living rooms in this apartment, so this had been a problem before. When an animal control person finally arrived, he hinted to the woman that the animal might be rabid and was raising babies up above.

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