Now that the holidays are over and the tree is out to the curb, it's time to be honest. Which Christmas gifts are you sending back?

It's always a letdown to find out a loved one really doesn't know you as well as they should. Whether it's the wrong size, an item you'd never use in a million years or something that is obviously re-gifted, getting a terribly thought out present is always awkward.

It's even worse when the gift obviously cost a lot of money. It would be a waste to have that laser-powered potato peeler just gather dust in the closet, so what do you do? Well, many Hudson Valley residents have been flocking to local stores to return items for store credit. If that's not an option, others have turned to Craig's List, eBay or other classified ads. A popular Hudson Valley garage sale Facebook page is loaded this week with items that were obviously Christmas gifts gone wrong.

Sometimes even Santa can make mistakes. My son got a set of "Magic Rocks" that wound up growing only about a quarter of the size the box promised, even after carefully following all of the directions.

What gift did you just have to return this year? Let us know on our Facebook page and who knows? Maybe someone will be willing to buy it off of you!