Hey, where's the beef?!

Residents in a town town off the New York State Thruway have been asking for a rather unusual change for over the past year. Now, it looks like they're going to get it. Their request may be a bit odd, but who are we to judge?

WGRZ reports that the residents of the Town of Hamburg, NY, in Erie County, had signed a petition to have the local water tower repainted in the design of a giant hamburger. The town board had actually approved the change back in December 2017. Now WGRZ reports that a local artist named Dylan Cownie has had his design approved Saturday.

Cownie had beat out two other finalist for the redesign.

So why a hamburger? Well, the town claims to be the birth place of one of America's favorite meals. While the true origins of the hamburger are heavily disputed, brothers Frank and Charles Menches claim to have sold the first variation of a hamburger at the Erie County Fair in 1885.

Legend says the brothers had run out of pork for their sandwiches so instead they purchased chopped up beef from a local butcher. The rest is history.

The last step now is to raise the funds to make this dream a reality. Hannotte Luly told 2 on Your Side:

What we wanted to say emphatically is there are no taxpayers dollars involved here. This is a community supported project, and we plan to have all fundraising from the community. So we're going to look to our supporters.

Wikipedia says that Hamburg is a town of nearly fifty-seven thousand located outside Buffalo and off Lake Erie in the western part of the state.