No matter who I’m talking to at any given time, that person always seems to agree with me that the real heroes in our country are our veterans. Whether you are for war or against war, you have to admit that our veterans are brave and thoughtless, and they risk their lives for us. So, you would think that these heroes live proud lives of honor, esteemed by everyone around them. Sadly, that’s often not the case, even though it should be.

Many veterans find themselves homeless, hungry, and no doubt feeling under-appreciated. That kind of lifestyle can take its toll on anyone, but it's especially hard for someone who has already seen the pressures and horrors of war. Here in the Hudson Valley, I see far too many veterans trying to make their way through this world without the help and support that they need. Maybe they're too proud to ask, maybe they are unaware of services available to them. But that is changing, hopefully, because of organizations like MHA of Dutchess County's Vet2Vet Veterans Peer Services.

If you are a vet or if you know one, please share this information. MHA of Dutchess County and Vet2Vet are offering a weekly Zoom support group for area veterans on Wednesdays from 5:30PM - 6:30PM. There will be special guest speakers each week. On Wednesday, January 13 there will be a speaker from the Red Cross talking about disaster preparedness. On January 20 the guest speaker will talk about resiliency. For more information and to find out how to sign up, visit the MHA of Dutchess County Vet2Vet facebook page.

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