The Hudson Valley enjoyed some pleasant weather this weekend as temperatures stayed in the 70s through the afternoon, under mostly sunny skies. As we look ahead this week, it's expected to get even warmer bringing the area its first taste of summer-like weather.

Highs Monday will stay in the low 70s, under partly cloudy skies through the day. Skies will remain clear overnight, with lows around 50. Tuesday should be slightly warmer as highs will be in the mid to upper 70s, and partly cloudy skies. Lows once again will fall to the low 50s by night.

Then, it gets even warmer. Wednesday is expected to crack 80, under partly cloudy skies. Lows are expected to fall to the mid to upper 50s Wednesday night. Thursday will bring the next chance for scattered afternoon showers as highs will climb to the mid 80s by afternoon. Lows will stay around 60. Forecasters say Friday will stay in the low to mid 80s, with a slight chance for scattered afternoon showers and higher humidity.

As we look towards summer, the Farmer's Alamance is predicting that the northeast should expect above average temperatures by July and August, with above average rainfall than usual. In fact, Almanac editor Peter Geiger is even calling for an increased chance for severe weather across many parts of the country, including the eastern third of the nation. Of course, these forecasts often differ and even contradict. For example, the Weather Channel is saying the northeast should be spared the oppressive heat this summer, and should expect near normal temperatures. But then there's the National Weather Service's long-range forecast, which says the area could see much hotter weather with above average rainfall.

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