Last week ended on a much colder note, making it feel more like it was early March rather than early April. However, temperatures rebounded by Easter Sunday, bringing milder air back to the area. Forecasters are saying that this is the weather pattern we should expect for most of this week. There is another chance for rain, however, as we approach later in the week.

Monday's highs will be around 60, under mostly sunny skies and a light breeze. Lows should stay in the 40s overnight. If you're enjoying this kind of spring weather, then you'll be happy to hear that that's what we'll be seeing for most of the week ahead. Highs Tuesday and Wednesday will once again reach the low 60s, with partly cloudy skies. Lows both nights will be in the 40s.

Thursday will be our best day weather-wise this week, as highs will climb to the mid to upper 60s, and lows once again stay in the mid 40s overnight. Friday will bring our next chance for rain, as  highs will be in the lower 50s, with showers off and on through the afternoon. The rain chance is expected to stay overnight, as lows will fall into the mid 40s.

As we look ahead for later this season, some weather experts feel the northeast could actually see the chance for severe storms. Meteorologists from AccuWeather believe it could all happen. One of the reasons is La Niña. The cooler temperatures we've experienced will eventually clash with warmer and more humid air moving up from the south, as the jet stream also moves further north. Strong cold fronts and severe weather form from the west, and then move east into areas of clashing air masses. This is what could set up a pattern of stronger storms in the Hudson Valley area as we enter May and parts of the summer.

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