We spoke with Noah Maloney, the man who has vowed to eat a picture of actor Jason Segel every day, and even joined him in his daily meal.

Of course our first question was "Why?"

Comedian Noah Maloney says what started out as a funny idea has turned into his own personal nightmare. Maloney claims he won't stop eating photos of Jason Segel's face until the actor responds by eating a picture of his face.

Over 60 days in, Maloney still hasn't heard anything from Segel.

The YouTube star shared some scary moments with us from the past three months, including the time he seriously thought he was going to die from choking on Segel's face. We also asked him about his latest video where he can be seen eating a raw egg wrapped in the "How I Met Your Mother" star's headshot.

And as fans of Maloney's mission, we couldn't help but join him this morning in eating his daily Segel:

What's next for Maloney? He says he's not only going to continue his quest, he's taking his campaign to the streets. Maloney plans to camp out in public this summer, eating nothing else but Jason Segel's face. Kind of like a Segel hunger strike. Hopefully, he says, that will finally get some sort of response from the actor.