Tailgating is one of the worst habits and will anger just about any other motorist. However, watch what happens when this tailgater gets brake checked.

This viral video has been seen millions of times and shows what happens when one motorists in a SUV gets a little too close to the driver in front of them.

The incident happened on I-41 near Little Chute, Wisconsin on March 10. One driver of a SUV can be seen relentlessly tailing another SUV in the left lane. Tired of being tailgated, the driver in the front SUV suddenly slams on the brakes. The tailgater is now trying to avoid an accident, and swerves across the highway and off the left shoulder,

The tailgater then can be seen crashing into a fence before coming to a stop.

Of course, the best option for the driver being tailgated was to simply move over to the right lane, and let the lead footed motorist pass. No matter how frustrating it can be being tailgated like this, hitting your breaks like this can sometimes make matters worse.

WGBA reports that luckily, there were no injuries. Police are looking to find the break checking motorist who drove off.