According to Target designers, their new Threshold home collection was created by ideas they got from the Hudson Valley.

Glamour magazine debuted some of the new items that will be available in Target stores across the country and on their website starting this week. The Threshold collection features furniture, dishes, rugs, bedding and other designer household items that were inspired by a trip they took to the Hudson Valley.

According to Julie Guggemos, Target’s SVP of product design and development, the Hudson Valley vacation was the inspiration for everything in this year's collection. She told Glamour,

We look for places and experiences that might offer new points of view, like local restaurants offering the latest food trends or flower shops experimenting with new arrangements of colorful, local blooms... We love to talk to the business owners and learn about their creative process and how they bring their ideas to life.

By the looks of the fancy collection it's safe to say that Julie and her team didn't visit Main Street in Poughkeepsie or Broadway in Newburgh.


We're assuming the Target team spent a luxurious weekend in the Hudson Valley countryside, dining on locally sourced food and strolling through organic fields of sunflowers. While that's not technically the real "Hudson Valley" experience, we do admit that it's probably a much better way to inspire home design than sitting at the Newburgh waterfront and drinking Bud Light while watching two drunk girls get in a fist fight.

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