You don't have to guess what's waiting in your mailbox anymore. The postal service now has a free service that emails you pictures of envelopes that are on the way to your house.

Mail customers in the Hudson Valley have a new trick up their sleeves. Just imagine; the next time someone tells you the check's in the mail, you'll be able to call their bluff. You'll also be able to get a head's up on who's sending you a Christmas card and quickly get one back out to them before their card even arrives.

It sounds like something out of the future, but this cool service is available in the Hudson Valley right now and it costs absolutely nothing. Informed Delivery is a daily preview sent to your email address that shows you actual scans of letters that have been processed and are on their way to your home.

To sign up just visit the USPS website and make a free account. Once letters are scanned at their point of origin, you'll get a black and white photo of the envelope emailed to you before the mail makes its way to your mailbox. You can also track any packages you're expecting on the website's dashboard.

What do you think about this new service?  Do you think it takes the mystery and fun out of going to the mailbox each day or is it a useful way to keep track of important mail you may be expecting?