Earlier this week, law enforcement officials responded to the scene of shooting which occurred at a residence in the Village of Monticello. Initially there was very little information on the event when it was first reported, however a recent update has revealed more information.

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Initial Shooting Details

The event of this shooting occurred during the late night into the early morning hours of Tuesday May 28, 2024. The very first press release gave some general information on exactly what had happened. At approximately 12:30am, the shooting occurred outside Sleepy Hollow Apartments in the Village.

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When law enforcement they were able to confirm that two individuals were injured in the event. One of the individuals was pronounced deceased at the scene while the other was transported to a local hospital.

Since then, law enforcement has been actively investigating the event. This brings us to the first update from law enforcement and what they know as of now. This is another event in what has turned about to be a violent week in Sullivan County. Early this week, law enforcement responded to the scene of a bloody domestic dispute. THat story you may read below.

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Latest News On Monticello Shooting

Currently the investigation is being handled by the NYSP Liberty Bureau of Criminal Investigation (BCI), the New York State Police and Village of Monticello Police. At this point in the investigation, officials have only been able to confirm the name of the victim who was killed.

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According to the latest press release, the individual was identified as 48-year old, Amy Redmond of Smallwood, New York. At this time officials have not released the identity of the other individual who was shot and then taken to a local hospital. Likewise, no update has been provided yet as to the condition of the other victim. The only thing that is known is that the other victim is a male.


Law enforcement is still in the early stages of this investigation and they are actively continuing to investigate. In an attempt to learn more faster, law enforcement officials are asking the public for help with any information they may have. Investigators may be contacted at 845-344-5300 and any information exchanged will be considered confidential.

Lastly, the updated press release states that all updates regarding this case and investigation will be provided by the New York State Police.

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