It seems like it's taken forever for the government to put their heads together and start to roll out this second round of stimulus aid. It may only be $600, but at this rate, any little bit helps. You've got bills, payments, and other matters that need to be taken care of, right?  Well, finally the checks, which were all part of the latest COVID relief package, starting coming in late December. The only thing though, according to TurboTax, millions of these checks are going to the wrong people. Intuit TurboTax spokesperson Ashley McMahon said:

...millions of payments were sent to the wrong accounts, and some may not have received their stimulus payment.

CNN says that one banking industry insider reported at least 13 million might have been affected. This may affect some who changed their bank over the past year. Others might be ones who used refund anticipation loans, according to CNN.

Great, more confusion. This isn't the first time something like this happened. During the first round of checks in the spring of 2020, a number of folks who received checks weren't even alive. This created a very awkward moment when the I.R.S. actually had to ask the families of those deceased to send the money back.

There were also a number of checks that went to people who were incarcerated. If you had filed your taxes in 2018 or 2019, then you got a check, even if you were behind bars. Once again, the I.R.S. had to demand the money back.

What are you spending your money on once you finally get it? Maybe you're not spending it at all and putting it aside? Perhaps you're donating the money to those less fortunate? Of course, there are others who may spend those sorta big bucks on other items. During the first round of checks, items such as stripper poles and baby tigers were a thing. Yes, according to an article posted by the NY Post, some Americans are spending their cash on weird stuff. One Twitter user said they were getting a stripper pole. Another Twitter user, and wants to put the money down on a baby tiger. We think the would-be Joe Exotic was joking. We think?

According to the article, other people used the money for things such as dildos, the Kanye west inspired Yeezy shoes, e-scooters, and whole bunch of other very random things.

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