Two out of the four Hudson Valley Dairy Queen locations are refusing to give their customers a chance to get free ice cream.

You may have heard about the free Blizzard promotion that has DQ workers shaking in fear every time they whip up a treat. To prove how thick Dairy Queen Blizzards are, the restaurant chain has decided to force their employees to serve them upside down. That's right; after blending the Blizzard the uncovered cup is flipped over right in front of the customer. The idea is to have DQ fans marvel in wonder as the thick, blended ice cream stays inside the cup instead of falling out on the counter.

And if the Blizzard isn't served upside down (or it winds up on the ground) you'll get your next one absolutely free.

The only problem is that the Blizzards do often fall out of the cup. If temperatures in the restaurant are too warm, if the ice cream isn't at the optimal temperature or if a worker mistakenly blends them too thin the Blizzard will drop right out of that cup and cause a huge mess. The Internet is filled with videos and photos of "Blizzard fails" that resulted in ice cream disaster, and lots of free desserts for customers.

Presumably for that reason, two local Dairy Queen locations have decided to opt out of the upside down Blizzard promotion. If you visit the DQ in Wappingers Falls or Hyde Park you can still get a Blizzard, but it will be served right side up. Because the promotion is only good at "participating restaurants" you won't get that Blizzard for free either, so don't even ask.

A. Boris
A. Boris

If gravity-defying dessert is something you crave you can still visit the Dairy Queen in Newburgh or the one in Middletown. Both locations have confirmed that they will honor the "Served Upside Down or the Next One's Free" promotion.

But remember that the offer is only good in the restaurant, not after the Blizzard has been sitting in your hot car:

What do you think about the upside down Blizzard mandate? If you owned a DQ would you tow the company line and force workers to serve them upside down or would you opt out like some of our local stores? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below or on our Facebook page.