Feeling patriotic?

ABC 7 is reporting that a man wearing nothing but a pair of shorts with the American flag on it allegedly stole a beer truck right out of a liquor store parking lot. 

The incident happened April 19 in Santa Rosa, California. The America lovin' 46 year-old suspect allegedly hopped behind the wheel of the Coors truck after the driver had stopped into the store to drop off a delivery.

Unfortunately, for our thirsty suspect, the truck had a GPS tracker so he didn't get very far. It only took a short while for police to locate the truck once it was reported stolen. The shirtless truck thief was found hiding in the bushes, and was arrested.

ABC says he was booked at the Sonoma County jail. No word if they found him a matching red, white & blue t-shirt to go with his colorful shorts.

He wasn't allowed to keep any of the beer.