It's another case of expecting the unexpected when you commute your way through the roads of New York. However, one particular overpass in a part of the Hudson Valley has long been a problem when it comes to accidents. Maybe in this case the truck carrying the cargo was too big to fit, and shouldn't have been on the parkway? And by cargo, we're talking about a popular seasoned kind of bread cube that makes a good topping on your salad.

Sources say that a truck carrying a load full of croutons slammed into the King Street overpass on the Hutchinson River Parkway late Monday evening. One lane of the northbound side of the parkway in Rye Brook was shut down for hours as crews removed the truck and all the croutons that had scattered all over the place. No one was injured. We're not sure how many croutons were spilled, though one would assume that there could have been hundreds, if not, thousands.

If this scenario sounds a bit familiar, then you may remember around a year ago when a vehicle hit the very same overpass, causing hundreds of soda cans to be strewn over that very same section of the road. The Westchester County Police Department shared on their Facebook page that a truck hit a low bridge, causing a large number of aluminum cans to spill all over the Hutchinson River Parkway. From the posted pictures on Facebook, you can see hundreds of cans strewn all over the road, causing heavy delays. It almost appears to be cans of Coca-Cola at first glance, though a few commenters claim it's Mountain Dew Kickstart.

In 2014, a truck driver from Florida crashed into the same overpass, causing a fire and a huge delay for commuters that lasted hours. The truck was said to have been carrying liquefied margarine. The accident splattered the spread all over the road, which you could imagine just how dangerous that could be to try to drive on.

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25 Hudson Valley Locations Featured in Movies

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