Three classic toys have been inducted into the Toy Hall of Fame. Did your favorite make it?

In September we spoke to Chris Bensch, the curator of the Strong, a museum located in Rochester NY that is dedicated to play. The museum is also the home of the Toy Hall of Fame, which honors the most iconic and beloved playthings.

Bench announced this year's 12 nominees which included American Girl Dolls, Battleship, the coloring book, Jenga, Playmobil, the scooter, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, the top, and Wiffle Ball.

Inducted Toys
Courtesy of The Strong, Rochester, New York

On Thursday the Hall of Fame announced that the three winning toys were Twister, the Super Soaker and puppets. Patricia Hogan from the Toy Museum says that puppets have been popular for over a century. Puppets can do much more than just entertain, however. Hogan says that the toy helps children develop coordination and manual dexterity. Puppets also power the imagination and help develop personalities and emotions.

Twister, created by toy inventor Reyn Guyer in 1964, was the one toy we all agreed should be honored, and were surprised wasn't already in the hall of fame. The classic game, where the players become the game pieces, has been entertaining kids and inebriated adults for generations.

The Supersoaker is the newest of this year's inductees. Mass produced during the 1990's the water gun on steroids has become a fixture of summertime fun, making it's selection a no-brainer.

You can learn more about the Strong and the Toy Hall of Fame by visiting their website or by tuning in to the Boris & Robyn Show on Friday morning at 8:15am when Chris Bensch joins us again to talk about the stories behind this year's three inducted toys.