Tina Fey saved a man from drowning in the Hudson River after recently moving up to the Hudson Valley.

During an appearance on The Tonight Show, Tina Fey shared a fascinating story with Jimmy Fallon about how she and her family saved the life of a Hudson Valley kayaker. During the height of the pandemic, Fey and her family decided to rent a home in an undisclosed town in the Hudson Valley. Happy to be away from the city and able to be outside in nature, the Mean Girls star decided on her first morning in the Hudson Valley that she would start the day with a cup of coffee in the yard.

Overlooking the Hudson River, Fey says she was enjoying being surrounded by nature when she heard what she thought was a bird. As it made more noise, she realized the bird sounded like it was actually saying "help, help." The former Weekend Update host called her daughter and husband outside to hear the noise which they, too, thought sounded more like someone yelling for help than a bird.

Fey decided to call 911, and it's a good thing she did. It turns out that the noise wasn't a bird, but a kayaker who had lost his oar and flipped over on the Hudson River. The distressed kayaker was eventually found about a mile north of where Fey and her family were staying. Luckily, the Hudson Valley kayaker was safely rescued.

After that experience, Fey says that she doesn't suggest anyone kayak in the Hudson River. not only is it dangerous, Fey thinks being on the Hudson River is like floating on a "rat toilet."

Never Kayak in the Hudson. That's not, like, a stream. It's like a rat toilet.

You can watch the entire interview with Jimmy Fallon below.

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