I encountered a major inconvenience while picking up the final supplies for my daughter's birthday party this weekend.

So, we threw a 5th birthday party for my daughter on Saturday and I had to do a lot running around in the morning. I had to pick up the cake, get the balloons filled, and pick up the last of the snacks.

First stop, fill the balloons. We had purchased all the supplies at Party City, which included a 5-pack of Barbie balloons varied in size. Now at Party City, you can return with your receipt and have the balloons filled for free on the day of the party.

So, I went to Party City to have the balloons filled. I walk in, normal things are happening: people shopping, workers filling balloons and helping customers at the registers.

I grabbed some extra cups while I was there and approached the register, and said, "I would like to purchase the cups and have these balloons filled. Here's my receipt." The cashier said, "We're out of helium"...

I responded with, "How are you filling those balloons (motioning to the guy currently filling balloons). They replied with "We're only doing pre-orders." Upon further conversation, I learned that there's a National Helium Shortage! I didn't know that even happened.

I ended up getting balloons filled at another store that wasn't rationing their helium. But be aware if you plan on getting balloons filled for an upcoming party. You might want to pre-order, or you'll end up spending very unnecessary money.

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