If you were enjoying the outdoors in Poughkeepsie this week, it's possible that you may have done a double take when stumbling across this big cat. Scenic Hudson posted the following bobcat sighting on their Facebook page. According to the caption, the photo was snapped by Chris White at Peach Hill Park on November 13. Peach Hill Park is in Poughkeepsie, right off of Salt Point Turnpike.


Bobcat sightings have recently become more common in New York State. Time Warner News reported back in 2012 that the population was growing rapidly, most likely due to emigration of the big cats from Pennsylvania. Bobcats usually hunt rabbits, rodents and the occasional small deer. Although it's rare for a bobcat to approach or attack a human, animals that are rabid have been known to attack people. Of course, I probably wouldn't stick around to find out if I ran across this guy on my afternoon walk.

What do you think? Will this make you think twice before going near Peach Hill Park?