Toys R Us stores across the country are getting ready to close their doors for good on Friday, June 29. One Hudson Valley Toys R Us has already closed. The big question now is: what's going to happen to the retail space?

Believe it or not, multiple retailers already have deals to take over old Toys R Us buildings. According to CNN, there are 1,900 openings planned for old Toys R Us stores. Most are expected to open by the holiday season, and the rest are expected to be filled by the next year. There are 6 retail groups that have plans for major expansions and some have already signed leases for the former Toys R Us buildings.

Party City has signed 50 leases to use buildings for Halloween and Christmas stores. However, they do not have plans for permanent use of any buildings, according to CNN.

TJX, the parent company of TJ Maxx, Marshall's, and Home Goods, has plans to open 238 stores in 2018, as reported by CNN.

Ross Stores has plans to open 100 stores this year. CNN Reports that Burlington Coat Factory plans to open 60 new stores and relocate 30 existing stores.

Dollar General plans to open 900 stores in 2018 and relocated another 100 stores. Dollar Tree and Family Dollar plan to open 650 stores this year. While the Toys R Us buildings are much larger than the space the variety of dollar stores need, they may consider moving into the building if the landlord divides it, according to CNN.