You can't see this stunning field of sunflowers from the road, but it's not that hard to find if you know where to look.

This week is a magical time in the Hudson Valley. It's peak sunflower season. Huge fields of the mammoth flowers are now in full bloom, and one farm is inviting the public to frolic among the stunning colors.


Hudson Valley Cold Pressed Oils in Pleasant Valley caused a stir last summer after planting a huge crop of sunflowers right off of a busy road in Poughkeepsie. People stopped their cars to photograph the thousands of spectacular sunflowers in bloom and would sneak their way onto the field. The company didn't intend to attract tourists since the flowers were grown solely to harvest for use in their line of sunflower oil products.

This year the company decided to give the people what they want, and have planted an entire field of sunflowers for visitors to come and enjoy. While the field is open to the public, it's cleverly hidden from sight so you really need to know where to go partake in this unique Hudson Valley experience.

We were lucky enough to get a sneak preview of this year's sunflower crop, and it is spectacular.

Located off of Sleight Pass Road in Pleasant Valley, the field is open to visitors through August 12. Signs will be posted on the road directing visitors to the entrance way during operating hours. At other times the signs are completely removed, making it practically impossible to find the sunflower oasis.

While we won't give away the exact location, you'll be able to find the signs during operating hours by taking Sleight Pass Road south from Route 44 in Pleasant Valley. Make sure to wear comfortable shoes and clothes that you don't mind getting a little dirty. Sunflowers are known to release yellow pollen that can stain. Also, be sure to bring some money with you too. Lucky visitors are able to cut their own flowers, with a portion of the proceeds from flower sales going to benefit Sparrow's Nest Charity.

Complete details and operating hours are available on Hudson Valley Cold Pressed Oils' website. And if you do make it to the hidden sunflower field, we'd love to see your photographs. Be sure to upload your pictures and video to us on the free WPDH mobile app.