While everyone else was digging out, these Hudson Valley residents decided to turn the worst storm in years into a beach party.

Snow Storm Stella crippled the Hudson Valley on Tuesday, dumping upwards of two feet of snow throughout the region. Roads were treacherous, schools and businesses were closed and everyone wondered when it would all end.

Three men in Orange County, however, had a different take on the historic storm. In a photo shared to the WPDH Facebook page, the trio were obviously not letting a little snow get in their way of having a good time.

Credit: Alison Siruchek Range‎ via WPDH's Facebook Page
Credit: Alison Siruchek Range‎ via WPDH's Facebook Page

The picture shows the three men wearing shorts, sunglasses and t-shirts while lounging in chairs in a plowed out section of their driveway. With tropical drinks in hand, these Orange County guys refused to give Winter Storm Stella the last laugh.

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