Anybody who listens to The Boris and Robyn Show knows two things about me. I hate technology and I hate being on camera. That is why this video is so rare.  I am doing the two things I hate most. And I am actually embracing the technology part. Well, as much as I actually can.

I still own and use my very first cell phone.  It's a little flip phone, and it works just fine for me. I don't text, I don't need apps, and since I hate being on camera, I will never take a selfie. And I do have a little camera on my phone just in case. So when they told me I would have to learn about the WPDH app, I was scared and reluctant.

But, I have to say it was pretty easy. With just a touch I could listen to the radio station live. With another touch I called Hopkins in the studio and made a phony request. And you can send a picture with no problem at all, which is nice when we run a contest like the Hudson Valley's Ugliest Bathroom.

Will I trade in my flip phone for a smart phone just so I can use the app? No way. But chances are you already have a smart phone, so why not take advantage of this great tool?

Want to see me learning the app? And running from Boris? Check out the video below.