Think your neighborhood could use a little road work? A man from a neighboring state took matters into his one hands, when the pothole situation got completely out of control in his town. Those who are decorating early for the holidays this year might want to take note.

UPI says a Massachusetts man planted tiny Christmas trees in potholes on one of the busiest roads in his town after, he says, officials ignored his requests to fix them. Kevin Martin, of North Attleborough, he had not only gone to local officials about the giant craters in the street, but even state government. He even said he's had four flat tires and hundreds of dollars worth of damage due to all the mess on the roads. Something had to be done. He told WJAR:

I needed to make sure that it got fixed one way or another. I know that I'm not the only person who's gotten flat tires from that area.

Looks like Marin hit up Home Depot early Monday, got the necessary supplies and then filled the holes with some Christmas spirit.

Martin's plan seems to have worked. UPI is reporting that while the tree were removed, the potholes finally got filled Monday. Perhaps Christmas came a little ealry this for commutes in North Attleborough? Even the local police department had a little fun on their social media page in this since deleted post:

Looks like someone is getting into the Christmas spirit early...guess that is one way to fill pot holes?

There's been other cases across the country where fed up residents fill potholes in their towns with Christmas trees, art decorations, and other assortments. Hell, one Kansas City man even sarcastically celebrated one troublesome pothole with a birthday party, complete with a slice of birthday cake.

Are potholes a problem in your town? If you complained about them and just felt ignored, what would you fill them with to prove a point to officials?

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