This has to be a joke? Well, one new study says it may be truer than you think.

Of course, it's a little more complicated than just going to McDonald's and ordering an extra large fries. Newsweek says that a new study conducted at Yokohama National University says the key to hair regrowth may lie in a chemical called dimethylpolysiloxane.

if you're wondering what that is, or how you'd even try to pronounce it, it's the chemical in McDonald's fries that stops the oil from frothing. 

The Japanese scientists say the method has already worked on mice, and they see no reason why it wouldn't work on humans.

The study was published in the Biomaterials journal Thursday, and it involves the production of something called hair follicle germs. The addition of dimethylpolysiloxane is what apparently helped follicle regeneration.

Could this be a breakthrough? Or will it join the long list of other failed methods in the quest for full hair regrowth?