With April Fools Day just around the corner we thought it would be fun to look back at this epic prank that played out live on the air.

For the most part I'm not easily pranked. I've played plenty of pranks on others, but when it comes to people trying to trick me, I'm proud to say that I'm usually able to figure them out say before they make a fool out of me.

This one time, however, I was completely unaware that I was being punked. And unfortunately, it all played out live on the radio.

One day during an on-air discussion, our producer mentioned that he could tell the color of marshmallow Peeps just by their taste. Of course, this ridiculous claim needed to be challenged. Because, as everyone knows, standard marshmallow Peeps are just colored sugar with no added flavoring.

After much ridicule, we finally set up a blind tasting for our producer to prove how idiotic his claim was. We were ready to debunk this stupid notion that he had some sort of Peeps tasting "super power."

Well, what happened next was pretty unexpected: