As Hudson Valley residents, over the last few years, we have gotten used to seeing big named celebrities casually walking around the neighborhood.

That's thanks to all the movies filming in the area. This summer alone was one of the busiest for filming. Writer and actress Mindy Kaling had an HBO production filming in Dutchess County. Amy Schumer was working on her new project for Hulu, Life of Beth, in LaGrange, Poughkeepsie and Red Hook. Woody Harrelson was seen just about everywhere in the Hudson Valley while filming White House Plumbers.

But remember the big celebrity sighting back in 2010 that had just about every gossip magazine and blog talking?

You don't?! Let me remind you, since I clearly never forgot.

Back in October of 2010, Taylor Swift was spotting picking apples at a Dutchess County farm. Is this ringing a bell?

Taylor Swift was still "country Taylor" in 2010, so why was Taylor Swift picking apples such a big deal? Well, she wasn't alone.

T.Swift was spotted doing cutesy fall stuff with none other than, Jake Gyllenhaal.

Vogue, Us Weekly, Perez Hilton, Cosmopolitan, you name it they wrote about. According to Vouge, Swift and Gyllenhaal went apple picking back in 2010 at Fishkill Farms. Us Weekly reported that there were several fans who wanted to take pictures with the couple, but they "hid in the trees" and then drove through the orchard and paid $3 for the apples on the way out.

Vogue also mentioned they were at Fishkill Farm on a Saturday. If they were going for discrete they failed miserably. Everyone knows a Hudson Valley farm on a weekend in the middle of October is just one big crowd.

It seems like Taylor likes the Hudson Valley. In 2020 she filmed her Disney + documentary special "folklore: the long pond studio sessions" in Hudson.

Who has been the coolest celebrity you've run into in the Hudson Valley?

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