So many questions left unanswered. We all probably have experienced the frustration of parking in the city at some point. You think you finally found that elusive spot, but then you see the no parking sign. In this case, this vehicle was left near a fire hydrant. But what if the mystery vehicle is completely smashed beyond recognition? Do you still receive a ticket? In this story, yes. Now, does anyone even know how this car got there to begin with?

The video of the sedan first appeared on Newsflare in late June, and was shared by the NY Post. This sad silver hunk of junk has no front hood, no windshield, and it's parts appear to have been stripped. Though while the car is obviously beyond repair and can't be driven you can clearly see a ticket underneath it's windshield wiper because it's too close to a fire hydrant.

See the video HERE.

Yo, only in New York, will your car blow up and you still park on a fire hydrant and you get a ticket. Sorry bro, you gotta pay that ticket, man. No free parking, cuz.

Details are still scarce, but while we know the video was shot somewhere in Brooklyn, officials say they don't know exactly where. Kind of strange to imagine a car getting  ticket placed under it's windshield wiper when there's not even an actual windshield to clean. It is unclear if  there was any sort license plates so someone could track the owner The NY Post says it also unknown how the vehicle ended up in such sorry condition to being with. Anyone willing to foot the bill and maybe take this poor thing in as a fixer upper?

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