Being up in the sky and flying around with the wind in your face has just got to feel so Wright. See what I did there?

Some people may be avoiding large airlines for a little while longer. A place in Rhinebeck has a pretty good alternative.

When you were a kid there's a good chance that you wanted to be a pilot at least once or twice. There's probably still time for you to learn how to fly but if you think that opportunity flew by it's never too late to be a passenger. Who wouldn't want to throw on a leather cap and some goggles and party like it's 1929?

Old Rhinebeck Areodrome


We can all appreciate vintage things especially vehicles. Stepping in and taking a ride in a classic car is about as close as we can get into hopping in a time machine. The same can be said for getting in an old biplane and flying around the Hudson Valley.

Ever since I saw The Blue Max I've wanted to ride in one of these things.

The Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome offers a lot to the Hudson Valley for entertainment.

They have a museum there and will be hosting an airshow on June 19 and 20.  A mock dog fight takes place on the Sunday show. You can reserve tickets here.

The Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome even offers biplane rides as well. According to their website, for $100 you can soar across the Hudson Valley in a 1929 D-25 biplane.

Old Rhinebeck Areodrome

I'm not going to tell you what to do but this seems like it would be a pretty cool gift for dad on Father's Day.

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