File this under: Nope.

According to the Telegraph, 65 year-old Carol Howarth said the queen bee may have somehow gotten in the trunk while she was visiting a nature preserve over the weekend.

After leaving the park area, Howarth had parked her car and went into a store in West Wales. When she came back out she was probably horrified to see the entire swarm of over 20,000 covering her car.

Tom Moses, a Pembrokeshire Coast National Park ranger, documented the whole ordeal on Facebook. He contacted the Pembrokeshire Beekeepers’ Association who were able to get the bees off the car without harming them.

Sure enough, the next day, they were back.

Beekeeper Roger Burns said the swarm had followed her and were on the boot of the car. Burns said he tried brushing them off into a cardboard box. Burns said he left cardboard box on the roof but then a gust of wind blew it off and the queen may have fled back to the boot again.

He claims he was stung about fifteen to twenty times. After several tries, the bees were finally gone, presumingly back with the queen.