How many beers does it generally take for you start feeling a little buzzed? Drinking in moderation can be a fun way to relax or blow off some steam built up from work all week. Of course, it's going to vary from person to person, but how about by state? Do some states like to throw back a few more than other states?

Well, the folks at a place called decided to throw together a study to find out which state has the highest beer tolerance. says the data was gathered using questions such as:

The survey asked 2,580 Americans across every state a simple question: How many 4.5% alcohol by volume beers does it take for you to start feeling drunk?

For New York, we came in at 3.22, simply meaning that's the average number of beers it takes the average New Yorker to get drunk. Does that seem a little low? The national average is 3.45. Arizona was number one at 4.04 beers, Michigan second at 4.02, and Maine and Wisconsin tied for third at 3.88.

What state has most amount of lightweights? According to the survey, Hawaii at 2.71.

Of course, keep in mind we don't know exactly who from each state was surveyed or anything about them; such as age, education, economic background etc. This is a VERY unscientific survey.

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