A fun show at the Dutchess County Fair ended in a hospital visit for one of the performers.

The Brigade Extreme Sports show drew big crowds at the Dutchess County Fair during all of their performances. Stunt riders zipped back and forth and flew through the air on motorbikes and four-wheelers to the delight of breathless fairgoers. One show, however, ended unexpectedly when a rider wound up breaking his leg.

According to a Facebook posting by photographer Todd Gay, the rider landed in the ER after something went wrong during the performance. The rider, identified only as Brandon, wound up with a broken leg. The posting, which was shared by the Dutchess County Fair, says that although he needed to undergo surgery, the rider was in good spirits and even was seen cracking jokes in the hospital.

There was a similar incident at the fair back in 2012 when this accident was captured by a spectator.

It's unclear whether the rider in this incident was seriously injured or not.