You may have seen the footage of a group of strange glowing circles over the night skies of New Jersey on the news this week. But does this case, that is drawing national attention, have ties to another bizarre phenomenon seen over Orange County the night before? From the pics and video, it's hard to really differentiate. What is going on? Is there a simple Earthly explanation here, or something we don;t understand?

PIX11 is reporting that the video seen over Paterson was shot by a resident Monday night. The mysterious lights can be seen hovering in the sky over the city. The resident claims they could be seen for about five minutes, and that the glowing circles even morphed into different shapes during the encounter. PIX11 reports that the Federal Aviation Administration said that "nothing was reported', as far as flights in that area. Some are saying it could have been a group of drones. But still, there doesn't seem to be any definitive explanations.

Read the story and see the viral video HERE.

Now, a listener from Montgomery submitted the attached pictures of what could be considered a similar occurrence that happened the night before the Jersey sighting. Here, you can see multiple glowing white circles in the skies behind a residential area around dusk. Montgomery is only around an hour north of the Paterson area, so both instances are not that far apart.

What could have happened? Military craft? Spotlights? Meteors? Or, is it something not of this world? Could both cases be somehow connected?

J. Reilly
J. Reilly
J. Reilly
J. Reilly

According to the National U.F.O. Reporting Center, no sightings were reported over Montgomery, or and surrounding areas, on the night of Sunday, October 10. So, the mystery is out there. Did anyone happen to see anything that night over Orange County, or any other parts of the Hudson Valley? Of course, just because it's an unidentified flying object, doesn't mean it's aliens.

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