Known as a "rectangular guy in a round world," Bobby Gropper and his wife and business partner, Valerie, have announced the retirement of their company, My Brother Bobby's Salsa, and local customers in the Hudson Valley are heartbroken by the news.

An announcement on their official facebook page on Friday, which has since had over 9,000 hits, reads as follows:

Valerie & Bobby of My Brother Bobby's Salsa have decided to take early retirement, effective immediately. All stores are fully stocked for Super Bowl so we encourage you to get the salsa or bruschetta while supplies last. Thank you for 27 years of incredible support.

I had the opportunity to chat with Bobby via the phone over the weekend, and our conversation was quite emotional and extremely heartfelt.  My first question, as I'm sure was in the forefront of most people's thoughts, why now?

"We met our goals," Gropper said. "I'm fortunate to say I met my objective and I cannot say that the announcement came with a lot of planning.  The Facebook post has more than 9,000 hits and most people now know...I met outstanding people along the way, and have been so incredibly lucky."

From the very beginning, back in 1993, the company and product were just something different. Nothing complicated, no secret recipes (yes, the ingredient list is out there for all to see and make at home) - and when I asked about anything we needed to know about recreating the product, or about a secret ingredient, Bobby simply stated, "The key ingredient is love."

The product that is currently out on shelves will be it for My Brother Bobby's Salsa, as there is no longer any additional in production.  Customers not only hurried out to scoop up what they were able to from local stores, but also took to social media to express their sadness, but more so, their gratitude for Bobby and Valerie, the product, and all they've done for the community.

"There's been hundreds of posts, lots of wonderful things being said.  Weird thing is, why don't we say these good things 'before we're dead' - share the love now," Gropper said. "I hear you, I see you, and I'm not dead, there's still a lot of good to be done in this world."

While Bobby has no immediate future plans as far as what is next, he reinforced that there is, indeed, still a lot of good to be done in this world.

There will certainly be a hole left here in the Hudson Valley without My Brother Bobby's Salsa, the impact the family has had for 27 years, and all they contributed to the area, but we wish the family nothing but the best in their future adventures.