It should be no surprise that this weekend's makeup soccer games are canceled.

If you've got a kid who plays soccer you know that this has been one of the most disappointing seasons in recent history. The incredible amount of rain that fell on fields throughout the region canceled countless practices and games this Fall.

Even if it wasn't raining on game day, many fields were unplayable due to muddy conditions. At one of the few games my son did wind up playing this year, the field was covered in mud puddles and smelled like a swamp. While it was good to finally get to play an actual game, the experience was not an enjoyable one.

This Saturday was supposed to be the last day of the soccer season for many municipalities, with makeup games scheduled on Saturday. My son was supposed to play two games tomorrow, but that certainly won't happen now that the field is buried under 11 inches of snow.

This Fall will go down in history as the soccer season that never happened.  But at least we can take comfort in knowing that the Spring season will be here -- eventually.