Remember Smash Mouth? Well, they're still a thing. And lead singer, Steve Harwell, doesn't like it when you throw pieces of bread at him.

Consequence of Sound reports that Harwell had an on-stage meltdown during a performance at the "Taste of Fort Collins" festival over the weekend. Attendees at the festival not only get to watch Smash Mouth perform, but they also get loaves of bread to take home. Sounds like a fun event, huh?

Well, some concertgoers thought it would be funny to throw the bread on stage, and apparently that's what set Harwell off. The singer that's now best known for making music for Shrek went into a very family-unfriendly tirade over getting pelted with slices of bread.

Watch the video for yourself and let us know if you think Harwell overreacted or if his anger was justified. Who knows, maybe he's trying to go gluten-free and this was the last straw...

Warning: video has lots of NSFW language. And bread.