As we still make our way out of the pandemic, we get to experience another round of virtual parent-teacher conferences, and it makes me wonder if we should just keep these things virtual moving forward.

As parents, we're much more involved in all the aspects of what's going on in our children's classroom. I have one of my kids doing hybrid learning, and one doing strictly online learning, yes, that sounds weird but in order for my kids to keep their teachers, that's how we had to do it. Either way, we hear everything going on, we hear what the teacher is saying, and we're literally in the classroom with our kids.

Adjusting to online learning was eventful, but we did it. Then it came time for parent-teacher conferences and they were going to be virtual. I love that idea. I mean, now I don't have to put on a polo shirt and go to the school and sit in a tiny chair only to hear that my kid is a pleasure to have in class. It's fantastic if I'm being honest.

We had our parent-teacher conferences this week for my girls, and we scheduled them all back to back, and we sat in our kitchen and sat through them all. So much better than trying to find a parking spot at the school and being forced into small talk with other parents who don't want to be there either. These conferences are just as awkward for the teachers as it is for the parents. So why not just keep them virtual at this point since we're so involved in everything going on in the classroom?

What do you think of virtual parent-teacher conferences being virtual?

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