What's one way to bring people back to the movie? Perhaps alcohol?

Some lawmakers in New York apparently think so. The Times Herald says that the legislators are once again debating to bring alcohol to more theaters across the state. This isn't the first time they've tried.

Gov. Cuomo is once again pushing the agenda. If passed, this would allow wine and beer to be served at movies rated PG-13, R, or NC17. If you were hoping to get bombed at something like the next Smurfs movie than you're out of luck.

Hard liquor being sold at movie theaters probably probably isn't going to happen, however. 

As of now, the law says that theaters with installed kitchens can serve alcoholic.beverages,

Think this is a good idea? Could this make the whole experience more enjoyable, especially you find yourself stuck at something awful?

On the other hand, could this exacerbate annoying behaviors we already find in the theaters such as excessive talking or even fighting?