Senior pranks are a part of graduation and can certainly be a lot of fun, but here's a case where the mayhem might have gotten a little out of hand...

Alarms sounded at 2:30 am at Teaneck High School, as 62 members of the New Jersey high school's senior class broke into the school and went on a rampage. Reports indicate the teenagers vandalized the school by trashing the hallways, greasing doorknobs, flipping tables, and even urinating all over the floors.

"I've been a police officer 19 years, and this is the craziest thing I've ever seen," Teaneck Police Sgt. John Garland told NBC 4.

24 of the arrested students were 18 and will have to appear in court, facing charges of burglary and criminal mischief. The rest were released to their parents. with that all said, do any of you have some great senior prank stories share? Anything ever get as out of hand as this? If so, were you ever punished?