This is another good example to always watch your dog, especially when you live near a busy road with lots of traffic. One pooch is lucky to have sustained only minor injuries after a run across one of the country's deadliest  highways. Thankfully, the quick thinking of New York State Troopers and Thruway workers helped save the day for this adventurous four-legged explorer.

Patch reports that the dog named Bou somehow got loose and ran out on I-95 near New Rochelle Monday. Luckily, help was soon on the way. It turned out to be team effort between NYSP and Thruway Maintenance, who were able to slow traffic and help corner the escaped dog until he was safe again. The New York State Police shared a pic on their Twitter of Bou reunited with his owner. Officials say he suffered injuries to all four of his paws but is otherwise okay. Aside from that, Bou appears to be quite well judging from the look on his face.

An even scarier series of events played out back in October on the very same highway, and this time it wasn't a lost dog. A man officials say was high on drugs allegedly carjacked a tractor-trailer, and then hit ten different vehicles as he attempted to flee. Police say the 50-year-old suspect was able to steal the truck after he hit the driver multiple times with a thermos. Once law enforcement was eventually able to catch up with him, the suspect then allegedly lunged at the trooper. FOX says that the trooper tased the suspect, which caused him to fall out of the truck.

Once down, the suspect still tried to fight with both that trooper, and another one who had arrived on scene for backup. FOX says he even attempted to wrestle a gun out of one of the trooper's holster, though luckily that didn't work. Officers say the suspect was clearly under the influence of some sort of substance. Now, he is facing a whole host of serious charges.

Recently, the NHTSA compiled data and found that the northeastern stretch of I-95 to be the deadliest road in the U.S.

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