This was one live segment that did not go as planned.

You may have heard the story about the elderly Poughkeepsie woman who was overrun by multiplying gerbils. After purchasing what she thought were two females, the senior citizen was surprised when the gerbils began reproducing at an alarming rate. Apparently, it's not that easy to tell young male and female gerbils apart. This can cause out of control gerbil populations that can quickly take over an entire household.

In fact, gerbils can reproduce every 24 days. That's why it's so important to separate males and females, even at a young age.

Deana Matero from My Hopes In You Animal Rescue specializes in adopting and caring for small animals. Her organization was the one that stepped in to rescue the gerbils in Poughkeepsie. We invited Deanna into our studio to educate gerbil owners on how to determine the sex of their pets. After a quick tutorial, Robyn Taylor was given the job of sexing the gerbils.

While Robyn's skills were quite impressive, the gerbils Deanna brought were much older than the young babies that are more difficult to tell apart My Hopes in You animal rescue is willing to help pet owners determine the sex of their young pets. In fact, if you're thinking of getting a pet gerbil, rabbit or other small animal you may want to consider adopting one from Deanna instead of buying one from a store. You can contact her at the My Hopes In You website.