Politics generally suck. Now more than ever, the most innocuous comment or topic of discussion can lead into a full scale screaming match. In this case, it wasn't just loud voices that were heard.

One presidential candidate on the campaign trail had stopped in New York for a press dinner. What he got was a little more than he had bargained for. While most of these events are generally just the usual round of stuffed shirts all yucking it up and chortling over a few drinks, this event would get quite "explosive".

Presidential Dinner Turns Into Argument Over Climate 

Page Six is reporting that a dinner at Tony’s on the Upper East Side Tuesday night for Democrat Robert F. Kennedy Jr. turned into a heated argument over climate change. But the release of carbon dioxide into the air that night wasn't just coming from someone's exhaust.


Page Six says that event host Doug Dechert started it off by loudly screaming out "The climate hoax!", over a question about the environment for the presidential candidate. Page Six says that art critic Anthony Haden-Guest responded to Dechert's claim, calling him a "miserable blob", and then ordering him to "shut up!"

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Dechart screamed back over what he called a "scam", as Haden-Guest continued his own verbal counter onslaught towards the gossip columnist.

What happened next Page Six describes as Dechart releasing a "loud, prolonged fart while yelling, as if to underscore his point, 'I’m farting!' ". This certainly surprised, and potentially appalled, many in the room, though Page Six says Kennedy maintained a steady composure in the face of the crisis."

Sources say the topic went back to climate change which, in turn, lead to more screaming.