The Poughkeepsie Lightning played in the semifinals last night hoping to make it all the way to the championship game of the Cal Ripken World Series.

The 10-year-olds from the Town of Poughkeepsie league made waves after becoming the very first team from New York State to ever make it to the World Series in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. After winning their first four games, the team took on Norwalk in the semifinals on Thursday night, a team they had beaten by 11 runs in the first round of the tournament.

According to The Hour, the Lightning was leading 4-2 going into the fourth inning when Norwalk scored a two-run double to tie things up. From there, Norwalk continued their lead even though the Poughkeepsie team rallied late in the game. In the end Norwalk walked away with a spot in the championship game by defeating Poughkeepsie 8-4.

The Poughkeepsie Lightning, however, have much to be proud of. Not only were they the first New York team to make it to the World Series, they defeated four of the very best teams in the country to make it all the way to the semifinals.

Before their trip to Florida, we spoke with some of the players, and it's easy to see why they've gone so far. Hard work and a sense of teamwork seem to be something they all take very seriously.

Congratulations to the Lightning, the Hudson Valley could not be more proud of you.