It was a very sad day for rock n roll 26 years ago (Nov. 24, 1991) as we lost two beloved rockers: Queen’s Freddie Mercury and Kiss drummer Eric Carr.

Freddie Mercury died from AIDS complications at the age of 45. Freddie Mercury was one of a kind, and one of the greatest frontmen in rock n roll history. Freddie was very successful with Queen, as the band became one of the best-selling music artist’s of all time, with record sale estimates between 150 and 300 million worldwide. The band was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2001. Eric Carr was the drummer for Kiss from 1980-1991 and had close ties to the Hudson Valley NY area. He took up the persona of ‘The Fox’ in the band during the makeup era as the replacement for ‘Catman’ Peter Criss. We lost Carr at the age of 41 after a battle with cancer. He is interred in Cedar Hill Cemetery in Newburgh, NY.

We remember these two great rockers today. R.I.P.