You thought they took sports seriously at your high school? Granted, we've all made our share of jokes directed at referees and umpires when a call goes against the team we're rooting for. Officiating a game can be a thankless job. But what allegedly happened to a crew who refereed a recent high school football game is taking things to a whole new ridiculous level. Now, the crew is planning on filing charges against a school for these alleged actions.

A crew of high school football officials came under fire after a controversial call during a game last Friday. An incensed assistant coach was even flagged for unsportsmanlike conduct after running on to the field to confront the refs. Needless to say, tensions were very high. Once the game had ended, the referees had gone back to their locker room for a post game evaluation. That's when they realized they were trapped.

The crew says that someone had pushed a vending machine in front of the door, trapping the officials in the back area. If you've ever had to move or shake one of these machines at your job, then you know just how heavy they are. It was an effort for the refs to escape.

And we had to push on the door, three of us, to at least get the door wedged so we can get out.

The school district where this happened says they are investigating the matter. But now the question is; who did this? Who would get so upset over the outcome of high school sports that they'd resort to such measures? Did anything like this ever happen at your school growing up? Share your stories.

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