Thanksgiving is next week, and if you're already scrambling for some ideas on what to serve your guests, then you might be in luck. Everyone loves dessert. But maybe you're tired of the same old pumpkin pie year in and year out? Now, Reese's has something for both lovers of dessert, and all things peanut butter. It's pretty big too.

ABC is reporting that the American candy giant announced their all-new Reese's Thanksgiving Pie. It's 9 inches of their famous peanut butter and chocolate combo in pie form, and clocks in at around 3.4 pounds. It's basically just a giant Reese's peanut butter cup that you can now serve to multiple people. Or, just be a total fat pig and eat the whole damn thing all by yourself. There is a limited amount available on the Hershey's website for $49.99. Yeah, it's a bit pricey.

Reese's often ranks as not only the Hudson Valley's but the entire country's favorite Halloween candy. Why not enjoy some more for the next holiday coming up? Just be sure not to eat too much turkey and sweet potatoes with marshmallows for dinner so you can save room. Sweet potatoes with marshmallows. According to a recent study, that is the state of New York's favorite Thanksgiving side. The website Zippia used Google Trends to determine what exactly were Americans were searching for food-wise during the month of November. A total of nine states love mashed potatoes, making them the top side, according to his study. But here in the Empire State, we apparently love our sweet potatoes with marshmallows. Yup, that's what New Yorkers are supposedly reaching for, according to Zippia. That has changed since last year when stuffing was king here in New York.

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