We're all desperate to continuously entertain ourselves with new shows to binge-watch. But, have you ever rewatched a show and connect more to it the second time around?

We rewatch movies all the time, so why not binge-watch an entire television or Netflix series again? 2020 obviously sucked, and studios were shut down and now we're left with very few new shows to watch, as most are currently filming and we'll probably have to wait until the fall for new episodes. I guess it's time to maybe rewatch a series then.

I recently decided to binge-watch Curb Your Enthusiasm again. Mostly because the first time I watched it my wife wasn't interested and didn't start watching until roughly season six or seven. So she asks if we could watch the whole thing again since we ran out of other things to watch. Why not, I'm down for that.

As we watched all the season again, I found myself identifying more with the show, maybe because of more life experience or something like that, but I loved rewatching it! The best part was, that while we were watching, they announced they are currently filming season 11, and it should be out in the fall at some point. I guess it worked out that we decided to rewatch all the seasons.

There are other shows I would definitely want to rewatch, and it's refreshing to actually watch something for a second time and liked it even more than the first time. Usually, with all these shows we watch and have at our disposal, I never go back for a second time.

What shows can you watch over and over?

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