Do you find your home in need of a few repairs, but are just unable to make them or to hire someone to do them for you? Rebuild Together Dutchess County accepts applications, year-round, from those just needing a little extra help getting a few things taken care of around the house. 

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Maybe it's something small like a light switch that does not work. Or it could be the stairs need to be fixed and you haven't been able to go upstairs or down into the basement for ages because you are worried about getting hurt if you do.

Rebuilding Together, according to their website is a non-profit who just wants to help people out. Specifically with their "Handyman Program" here is what they can help DC residents out with:

provide timely small-scale repairs and safety and accessibility modifications. These repairs can typically be completed in four hours or less and include repairs such as grab bars, hand rails, improved lighting, minor accessibility modifications, and fire safety installations.

There are a few requirements as to who can apply for the funds and there is no guarantee that you will be selected. The first part to finding out if Rebuilding Together can help you is to apply.

According to their website, you do need to live in Dutchess County own and occupy the residence that is being considered for the repair, be income qualified, and at least one person in the home is over the age of 60.

If you are thinking that you might qualify (or might not) but have a few questions first, you are encouraged to call them directly to find out, (845) 454-7310.

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